I am a new addition to the Adore Realty team in Southern California and a recent graduate- with an M.S. in Economics.  Experienced in economic and risk analysis, I spend my time researching investment properties as a career.  I invest my own money and I provide consulting and realtor services to clients.  With this in mind, I decided to venture into blogging to inform investors and individuals on the real estate opportunities available throughout Los Angeles.

This blog is aimed at people, like me, that think about investing, interest, rents, and owning real estate, but just do not have the time to research and do the footwork to view properties due to work or family responsibilities.  So this blog does half the work; it is a forum and a reference for those interested in investing in Southern California.  This blog provides analysis of pertinent real estate stats(e.g. interest rates, housing starts, and existing home sales), offers insight on current real estate trends and strategies, and provides the “Property Scout” category.  This blog differs from other real estate sites by offering more than a search of house listings.  My company completes the search, highlights premium cities, lists property details, and goes a step further by analyzing rents and completing a financial analysis of the property including an approximate return on investment.  From there, YOU can call/email us for business or you can call your own agent.

I am committed to helping clients maximize their investing goals, and driven to provide the broadest exposure to accomplish buying and selling real estate; my priority is providing the best service the client and reader can expect.





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